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Birth Team Assemble!

I recently asked a group of mothers who they chose to support them during their labor and delivery.

The most common answers were:

#1 their husband/partner

#2 a doula

#3 a parent

#4 a birth photographer

#5 a sibling

Who you choose to support you on your birth day can greatly impact the birth process, so your birth team should be carefully chosen.

Here are a few questions to consider when you are assembling your birth team:

1. Am I comfortable with this person seeing me laboring naked?

2. Is this person ok around bodily fluids?

3. Will this person make me more comfortable and relaxed during labor, or might they add to my stress?

4. Has the person I'm considering ever seen an unmedicated birth? If not, are they willing to watch a few videos of unmedicated births?

5. Is this someone who will be attentive to my needs during labor or are they planning to be there just to see the baby?

Being able to labor and push uninhibited and surrounded by love and support is priceless.

Who did you choose to support you at your birth?